We are building the foundations of modern finance with AI

Neuri stands at the intersection of theoretical neuroscience, quantum algorithms, machine learning and financial markets to produce exceptional returns for its investors.

We are hiring!

You need a radical solution to overcome the challenges of complex machine learning systems and modeling the global market

Collecting consistent returns in the market environment of today is particularly difficult due to a number of structural and systemic aspects.

Current financial strategies are unable to seize the unique opportunities in the market. At the same time, developing complex machine learning systems is challenging. The application of these technologies to financial markets is nascent. To add to the challenge, not all financial information is contained in the market data.

Our AI algorithm-driven fund management is designed to surpass human benchmarks in the current global financial market.

Full Stack Development

With data management, modelling, simulation and execution engine backed in, Neuri is developing a full stack architecture for overcoming challenges in creating financial AI.


Built using cutting edge deep learning and neuroscience inspired models, Neuri can predict short to medium term complex movements of assets and perform dynamic portfolio management.

Manifold Understanding

With algorithms based on neuroscience and quantum AI, Neuri is building a comprehensive view of financial data that includes multiple modalities and understanding of their relationships.

Planning and Decision

With expertise in applying AI-driven sequential decision making to robotic systems, Neuri applies advanced work in hierarchical reinforcement learning and planning to automate trade execution actions across markets.

We are hiring

We are looking for full stack software developers and research scientists in AI and quantum machine learning research, particularly in the fields of reinforcement learning, natural language processing, deep learning, simulation & 3D visualizations.

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Fred Almeida Fred Almeida CEO
Dr. Sakya Dasgupta Dr. Sakya Dasgupta CTO
Richard Cua Richard Cua COO
Chie Matsunaga Chie Matsunaga Operations Director
Emily de Bruijckere Emily de Bruijckere Office Manager
Pengqian Yu, PhD Pengqian Yu, PhD Research Scientist
Yon Shin Teo, PhD Yon Shin Teo, PhD Research Scientist
Dan Teng, PhD Dan Teng, PhD Research Scientist
Joon Sern Lee Joon Sern Lee Research Engineer
Zekun Shi Zekun Shi Research Engineer
Ilya Kulyatin Ilya Kulyatin Research Engineer
Cathey Wang Cathey Wang Research Engineer
Chloe Chen Chloe Chen Research Engineer
Arun Sadashivan Arun Sadashivan Research Engineer
Russell Leidich Russell Leidich Research Engineer
Klifford Manto Klifford Manto DevOps Engineer