Redefining the future of finance

With AI, neural networks and quantum computing, we can finally
start decoding the financial markets.

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Illuminating the financial market with ground-breaking neuro-prediction

We conduct and implement cutting-edge research on artificial intelligence to create real advantage in financial investment.

Neuroscience-based AI

We combine novel deep reinforcement learning algorithms and graph-based learning with artificial neural networks for modelling and predicting time series’.

Simulating trade behaviour in infinite universes

Neuri strives to generate synthetic data emulating the global financial markets, testing it with complex simulations of trading behavior. We bet on the future of quantum optimization in enabling our simulations to surpass the limits of classical super computing.


Financial markets are highly fluid, with dynamics evolving over time. As such we build AI algorithms that adapt and learn continuously, in order to uncover the connections between different financial assets, classes and markets.

Born from research on autonomous robotic systems in Tokyo, Neuri applies advanced deep-learning techniques to simulate and make decisions in the financial market.

The application of neuroscience inspired models, quantum algorithms and machine learning to systematic trading at this point is underexplored. Our research shows that Neuri strategies are robust to changes in the market while making autonomous trade decisions.

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